Handmade Furniture Outdoor Chairs
First set of handmade outdoor furniture.
Handmade Furniture Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Hutch Condo for our show rabbits.

Our Story

Pine Bay Woodcraft is a family-owned woodworking shop located at the Jersey Shore in Manahawkin. We are 3rd and 4th generation woodworkers handcrafting furniture and home decor from our family to yours.

My grandfather had a woodshop in Middletown, NJ and used to build furniture and gifts for his grandchildren such as rocking chairs, doll houses, rocking horses, etc. The craft was picked up by his son, and my uncle, who owns and operates a small woodshop in Tennessee. I started woodworking as a hobby creating things for around my house - signs and decor. I built hutches for my kids' rabbits and eventually deck furniture for our new house.

When friends saw the deck furniture, they started to encourage me to provide my services to others. I immediately had a few orders for the deck furniture and we started Pine Bay Wood Craft. Today, I involve my children in my projects to carry on the tradition. We take tremendous pride in our work,  and fin that there here is nothing more satisfying than having a "hobby" that brings joy to other people.

Contact Us...

Send us a message if you are interested in anything you see on our site or have a custom project you would like done based on your Pinterest favorites!